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Quiescence C

With the launch of Breathe C, Hapa Audio was intent on bringing one of our best geometries to a price point that would shift what was expected for performance. Our clients responded with overwhelming affirmation of our design philosophy and Breathe C quickly became our most popular cable. However, as is audiophiles and music lovers wont, the question quickly became ‘can you take what you did with Breathe C and improve on it?’

Introducing Quiescence C

When we initially were designing our original Quiescence Silver shielded cable, we knew we needed a higher level of detail retrieval, dynamics and nuance. We knew we would need to pull out all the stops. We designed a shield that took advantage of the properties of Carbon Fiber, Silver plated copper, and Mylar to create a near impenetrable shield. this environment allows the signal to propagate without the detriments of inductive thievery that is normally associated with a shielding layer.

We took this same technology, originally designed for one our top performers, and applied it directly to Quiescence C. The results are staggering. An increase in dynamic range, subtlety and detail retrieval that bests that of Breathe C.

Early adopters rejoice!

If you were one of our clients who already purchased Breathe C and are chomping at the bit to upgrade to Quiescence C, fear not, we have a solution. We are offering an upgrade program. All of our cables are designed with serviceability in mind. As such, we can perform an upgrade to your existing Breathe C cable if you send them in for a nip/tuck. Please get in contact with our staff via this link and we can discuss how to make this happen.  UPGRADE FROM BREATHE C TO QUIENSCENCE C

KLE-I Copper Harmony – Standard


With Quiescence C, we are utilizing best in class KLE-I Copper Harmony RCA connectors. Utilizing the same brilliant construction as the KLE-I Silver and Absolute Harmony plugs, the KLE-I Copper Harmony opts for a silver plated copper center pin and common pin giving the KLE-I Copper an IACS conductivity rating of >101% even >102%. Unheard of within the rest of the industry.

Upgrade Option KLEI Absolute connector:

For the Absolute best performance possible we also offer the option of utilizing KLEI flagship – Absolute Harmony – as an upgrade option. Absolute Harmony offers a higher overall conductivity rating at an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >105% IACS as compared to Copper Harmony with an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >102% IACS. We also utilize Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold, with higher gold and silver content than Mundorf’s standard Silver/Gold solder, as an additional upgrade when Absolute Harmony is selected.

Subjectively it is our experience that Copper Harmony presents its sonics as superbly clean, dynamically robust, and relatively detailed in its presentation. By comparison, Absolute Harmony takes all of those superlatives and doubles down. More vibrant, closer to reality, and aptly named, Absolute Harmony with Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold solder is well worth the price of admission.


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