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The design

One of the intriguing things that we have wanted to attempt with our cable designs is how to deliver more with less. Rather than throwing all of our tech savvy at our design, how can we mitigate design decisions that merely increase complexity without providing a clear increase of sound quality. With our Breathe Silver RCA cable, we managed to create something that is functionally exceptional and sonically superb. We wanted to retain this essence in a product that not only sounds exemplary, but also completely BREAKS the cost/performance ratio within the industry. When we first started with this design we thought we’d be asking if we could hit our mark, but in the end what we found was we were asking ‘are they too good?’

Sound profile: 

Dynamics are bold yet refined. Smooth midrange that lacks bloat remaining incredibly neutral. Treble detail and texture beyond what we thought was possible with copper.

Enter Breathe C

Our full on assault on best in class performance. Best in class bass response, best in class resolution, and best in class dynamics. Utilizing copper litz, Breathe C retains the noise rejecting DCS Geometry of Breathe S giving it vivid imaging, incredible tonality and smooth detail without hash. A simple yet well executed design. Lightweight, springy, and unbelievably flexible this cable is designed to easily snake around the back of your equipment rack and go easy on your RCA sockets.

Angel Hair litz copper

Our copper is special. Breathe C utilizes a copper version of our Angel Hair litz stranding that is seen in our top flight designs. Keeping strand count per bundle low (7 per bundle) helps mitigate strand interaction and minimizes skin effect, both of which causes harshness and muddiness within a cable.

Breath, taken.

We wanted to create a product that rivaled our notion of what could be done in a leaner, meaner more budget conscience approach. After dozens of iterations and countless hours of testing, Breathe C is the end result. In a lot of ways, Breathe C is the best of what Hapa Audio does. By distilling our design philosophy down to its essence, we’ve managed to create something essential. All that’s left, is for you to give them an audition.

KLE-I Copper Harmony – Standard


Usually with a budget conscience cable the first thing to go is a high quality connector. Not the case with Breathe C. we are utilizing best in class KLE-I Copper Harmony RCA connectors. Utilizing the same brilliant construction as the KLE-I Silver and Absolute Harmony plugs, the KLE-I Copper Harmony opts for a silver plated copper center pin and common pin giving the KLE-I Copper an IACS conductivity rating of >101% even >102%. Unheard of within the rest of the industry.

Upgrade Option KLEI Absolute connector:

For the Absolute best performance possible we also offer the option of utilizing KLEI flagship – Absolute Harmony – as an upgrade option. Absolute Harmony offers a higher overall conductivity rating at an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >105% IACS as compared to Copper Harmony with an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >102% IACS. We also utilize Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold, with higher gold and silver content than Mundorf’s standard Silver/Gold solder, as an additional upgrade when Absolute Harmony is selected.

Subjectively it is our experience that Copper Harmony presents its sonics as superbly clean, dynamically robust, and relatively detailed in its presentation. By comparison, Absolute Harmony takes all of those superlatives and doubles down. More vibrant, closer to reality, and aptly named, Absolute Harmony with Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold solder is well worth the price of admission.

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Hapa (Purple/Graphite), Bolder Hapa (Purple/Neon Blue)


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