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Handling the challenges that USB presents is no small task. Dealing with balanced data, common, and 5 volt DC leg all associated with USB while also mitigating interferences both EMI and RFI is no small feat. While inexpensive USB cables manage to somewhat balance these things, they do so at a substantial loss of fidelity when streaming data leaving a subjectively weak and emotionless performance. The reasons for this are numerous from failure to segregate the 5 volt leg from the data leg properly, to the use of inferior materials. On the other end of the scale Audiophile Grade cables take steps to increase fidelity. By utilzing better materials and mitigating some of the variable associated with USB. Still, they often fall short of what they set out to accomplish, highest fidelity.


A brilliant insight was had when Ember was first designed. Ember blazed onto the scene for us and entirely changed the way we address a balanced signal. Whereas most designs rely on a basic twisted pair geometry housed in a shielded (foil and/or braided metal shield) environment to pass signal, Ember utilizes something entirely unique. Inside of Ember is an 8 wire teflon insulated packet that has been braided with a specific ratio wherein the data plus and data minus legs are in close proximity, yet do not run parallel. This data bundle is then covered in a silk nylon layer which is then covered with the 5 volt DC leg and common leg that are arranged in a braided geometry based on our DCS Geometry.

Perhaps we buried the lead…

What makes Ember unique is that there is no metal shielding layer at all (foil or otherwise). The entire cable is shielded by geometry and geometry alone. Why did we go to these lengths? In short, to create the best fidelity possible within the realm standard USB without the nuance stripping nature of close proximity heavy shielding layers. Removing a shield that is in close


proximity to the data portion of the cable allows for an incredibly open, rich, and highly detailed performance. This is no small feat, the slightest aberration in geometry schematic would cause the entire cable to fail to pass data, especially with longer length options. Exacting knowledge and construction is required for this level of precision even if one were to use machinery to do so. However, Ember is proudly handmade and was designed in-house by Hapa Audio.

The result is fidelity that is unparalleled at any price point and a new standard within its price point.

Viborg USB connectors: Standard 

Hapa utilizes the only USB connector on the market that properly shields the USB terminations to a high enough degree to be included with Aero, the venerable Viborg USB A and B connectors. The solid cast alloy barrels allow the sensitive wire/connector interface to be both mechanically and electrically secure. 24 karat gold plated connectors offer a secure and stable interface with your gear.



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