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Ember RCA

When Hapa Audio first came to market, we did so with our RCA cable lineup. Breathe C was the starting point for Hapa Audio. While it was not the first product we released, Breathe C was the first RCA cable that Hapa Audio had started to develop. Shortly after releasing Breathe C we followed up with Quiescence C. Quiescence raises the bar by lowering the noise floor. Both pieces represent the pinnacle of what is available for high end analog cabling without breaking the bank. However, if Hapa Audio covets anything, it is constant progress and innovation.



Enter Ember

You would be forgiven to take a look at Ember and mistake it for Breathe C. With a quick look they are almost identical. However, Ember employs a substantially different geometry and more than triple the overall copper content. While the braid is similar to Breathe, the amount of copper in the exterior braid is doubled up in copper content and unlike Breathe C, the braid itself is only the shield/common. This allows for better noise rejection for both EMI and RFI. The interior of Ember is where things really diverge from what we have done in the past. Ember uses a braided teflon copper packet. This braid helps to further reject RFI and EMI eliminating the need for heavier shielding materials utilized in Quiescence. Improving the sonic quality, reducing the amount of expensive materials needed while simultaneously reducing labor involved.

All of this translates to a highly detailed, warmer, more inviting sound quality that is on par with Quiescence C. All for the same price as Breathe C. As with its predecessors Ember is proudly handmade in house by Hapa Audio in the US.


KLE-I Copper Harmony – Standard

Usually with a budget conscience cable the first thing to go is a high quality connector. Not the case with Ember. we are utilizing best in class KLE-I Copper Harmony RCA connectors. Utilizing the same brilliant construction as the KLE-I Silver and Absolute Harmony plugs, the KLE-I Copper Harmony opts for a silver plated copper center pin and common pin giving the KLE-I Copper an IACS conductivity rating of >101% even >102%. Unheard of within the rest of the industry.



Upgrade Option KLEI Absolute connector:

For the Absolute best performance possible we also offer the option of utilizing KLEI flagship – Absolute Harmony – as an upgrade option. Absolute Harmony offers a higher overall conductivity rating at an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >105% IACS as compared to Copper Harmony with an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >102% IACS. We also utilize Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold, with higher gold and silver content than Mundorf’s standard Silver/Gold solder, as an additional upgrade when Absolute Harmony is selected.

Subjectively it is our experience that Copper Harmony presents its sonics as superbly clean, dynamically robust, and relatively detailed in its presentation. By comparison, Absolute Harmony takes all of those superlatives and doubles down. More vibrant, closer to reality, and aptly named, Absolute Harmony with Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold solder is well worth the price of admission.


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