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Sound Profile:

Neutral yet engaging midrange, Incredible treble texture, visceral bass with coherence.

Utilizing our proprietary DCSG technology, Breathe S is sublime in its delivery of texture and detail. With vibrant and ethereal midrange Breathe S brings you closer to the performance than ever. Bass response is deft in its delivery and decays without bloat. Soundstaging and imaging are unparalleled in focus and dimensionality.


Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery


This is the essence of Hapa Audio’s design philosophy and the very credo of our Low Mass Language. Counterintuitively, it is more informative to discuss what materials Breathe S lacks in comparison to other cables than to discuss what materials it has. Gone are layer upon layer of rubberized jacketing materials. Thick/constraining and overdamping dielectrics are nixed. There are no thickly stranded or solid-core conductors.

Absent are heavy shielding foils, heavy tinned copper braid external shields, or other such materials, which when layered directly on top of a dielectric, cause inductive field thievery killing vibrance within music. And finally, gone are overbuilt connectors made of brass and other inferior copper alloys. All of these “engineered solutions“ are in reality design compromises that collectively compromise sonic fidelity.

Throughout this process of elimination we have distilled Breathe S down to essentials; Ultrafine Angel Hair silver litz (.08 mm per strand as compared to a human hair at .03 mm to .12 mm in diameter.) Internally the litz silver bundle is properly dampened by ultra-thin silk nylon strands. The cable matrix is held in place over a high quality woven nylon paracord backbone separator. These components are then arranged utilizing our Dual Chirality Star geometry.

The result: When you hold Breathe S in your hands for the first time and feel it’s flyweight design coupled with its near-infinite flexibility, you will understand just how serious we are about our low mass language.

Simple, elegant, painstakingly meticulous assembly, and as many of our clients are finding: Essential.


KLE Innovations connectors: Standard

he creator of the venerable Eichmann Bullet Plugs, which revolutionized and redefined the state of the art in connector design, is at it again. Hapa Audio utilizes KLEI Silver Harmony RCA connectors, standard attire for Breathe S. Silver Harmony is a low mass, high purity connector. Attention to detail, a dash of proprietary metallurgic design, and a keen understanding of proper engineering. Nothing less will do for Breathe S. The KLE Silver Harmony and the Hapa Audio DCSG cable assembly deserve to be joined by the best high-grade solder. For this, we have selected Mundorf Silver/Gold Solder which is exclusively used for all connection points.


Upgrade Option KLEI Absolute connector:

For the Absolute best performance possible we also offer the option of utilizing KLEI flagship – Absolute Harmony – as an upgrade option. Absolute Harmony offers a higher overall conductivity rating at an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >105% IACS as compared to Silver Harmony with an extrapolated value of>101% IACS, even >103% IACS. We also utilize Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold, with higher gold and silver content than Mundorf’s standard Silver/Gold solder, as an additional upgrade when Absolute Harmony is selected.


Subjectively it is our experience that Silver Harmony presents its sonics as elegant, dynamically robust, and highly detailed in its presentation. By comparison, Absolute Harmony takes all of those superlatives and doubles down. More vibrant, closer to reality, and aptly named, Absolute Harmony is well worth the price of admission.




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