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It’s surprising what geometry can do. When utilized in our entire cable lineup, different geometries have garnered incredible sonic delights. Hapa Audio first utilized geometry to reject RFI and EMI in our breakthrough design of our Breathe RCA cable line up. The next logical progression was to apply the same concept to our headphone cable lineup utilizing our DCS geometry in our Dreddz/DreddKnot in order to create an incredibly vibrant and highly detailed performance. While DCSG showed what could be accomplished with the best quality parts and geometry, we knew we could take it to the next level.

Enter KnØt IEM.

KnØt IEM is our absolute best IEM solution. With a ‘sonics first’ approach we used geometry to create the absolute best environment possible for signal propagation for your IEMs. Our Beta Sine geometry ensures proper interaction between the signal positive and negative poles of a balanced output, besting DCSG in sound quality in every category.



Musical Jewelry

KnØt is built using custom designed titanium beads proudly handcrafted by our bead artisan. Each KnØt IEM cable is unique in that the set of titanium beads were custom made for that cable and that cable alone. the amp end connector can accommodate plug types from 2.5 mm TRRS, 3.5 mm TRS and TRRS, and even Pentaconn 4.4mm options.







Easy on the eyes, easy on your equipment.


Beta Sine geometry isn’t just about sonics, we utilizes high quality nylon silk which as a very high tensile strength while the geometry itself renders the cable flexible and even stretchy along its length. This stretch takes stress away from the delicate angel hair litz conductors as well as giving the user a bit of feedback from the cable if it snags on something preventing damage to your IEMs, equipment and of course the cable itself.


Complex design all to make your life more simple







We’ve all experienced cable tangle messes. with KnØt IEM those issues are minimized. The main body of the cable is resistant to tangling and KnØt IEM Includes a leather (or vegan leather upon request) case that keeps both the cable and your IEMs safe in a gorgeous handmade hard magnetic clasp case. The case also has a loop that allows you to attach it to a bag, backpack, keychain and we highly suggest attaching a Tile or Apple Tag so your equipment can be easily located in your hectic life.

Conductor options

We are offering three different options for KnØt in order to help custom tune the sound quality to your taste. Copper, pure silver/copper hybrid, and pure silver. We make the distinction of pure silver in that we do not use plated silver in any application for signal transfer.

Sound profile:

Copper: Robust sounding and warm, copper has long been the preferred material for signal transfer. In KnØt copper is tonally rich and refined in detail.

Pure Silver: Neutral and incredibly detailed. We spent a lot of time getting silver just right, neither bright nor harsh, yet refined and dimensionality beyond reproach.

Silver/Copper Hybrid: Representing the pinnacle of sound quality, the hybridization of silver and copper within this option has the robust balance of copper and the refined detail of pure silver without compromise.


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