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Sound Profile:

Warm midrange, smooth treble robust bass. Ideal for most IEMs and portable headphones and portable headphone amp/dac systems.

Product Description:

Let’s face it, designing a portable headphone cable is hard. A good portable headphone cable needs to be lightweight, easy to manage, protected from the elements and rugged enough to survive your life. Last but certainly not least, you need something that will transfer signal as pristine as possible.

Enter Dreddz C, Hapa Audio’s tour de force solution to all of these problems.


Everything about Dreddz C was designed with weight in mind. Utilizing the ultralight weight military spec Nylon Paracord for the spacer, this material has a tensile strength of 275 pounds giving it superior durability. It is resistant to rot, mold, mildew and UV damage and serves as the backbone to the geometry of of cable.

Connectors and all other parts are made of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, some of the lightest, most durable materials available.

Easy to Manage

No one wants to untangle cables every time they reach into their pocket. Dreddz C solves this issue once and for all. Due to both clever geometry and springy materials, Dreddz C are highly tangle resistant. Merely pull the in-line cable cinch all the way up, wrap the cable around your hand, and put it in your pocket or carrying case. When you pull it back out they are ready to go without the headache involved in untangling a knotted mess.

Pristine Sound Quality

Dreddz C is quiet both electrically and mechanically. Utilizing our proprietary geometry that prevents inductive crosstalk between all four channels (Left +/- Right +/-). The geometry also inherently rejects EM interferences. High purity ‘angel hair’ litz copper is used. It has internal ultra fine nylon strands to reduce internal vibration for nearly ideal power and signal transfer.

All connectors utilize Beryillium-copper alloy for all signal path rather than brass or other lesser options. The Result: Clean, powerful, inviting, and lively sound.

Mechanically silent

Dreddz C uses our ultra soft, ultra quiet, ultra durable, polymer dielectric. The result: You hear less of the microphonics of the cable through your IEMs/headphones and more detail in your music.

put a little color in your life!

Military spec nylon doesn’t have to be camo grey! Dreddz C comes in a variety of color options that compliment the Copper braid for you to choose from.


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