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KnØt is Hapa Audio’s Tour de Force, our Top of the Line for design and aesthetic. Using the high quality we are known for throughout our designs, we managed to dramatically improve on sound and performance through geometry, in fact, the most advanced geometry we have ever implemented.

Utilizing a new geometry that we specifically designed for a balanced signal, KnØt takes advantage of our understanding of field induction to drastically improve signal transmission. In order to achieve the incredibly complex geometry we had to start from scratch and create a new method for making this cable. This feat required new tools that we designed and built ourselves that only improved upon our high degree of technical proficiency in hand crafting these pieces of art. 




βeta-Sine (Balanced Sinusoidal Isolated Network)

Unlike a single ended signal, a dual differential signal (otherwise known as a ‘balanced’ signal) sends the audio signal in original phase down one pathway and an inverted phase signal down the other. When the signal reaches the earphone any common mode noise is naturally cancelled out at the driver, leaving a cleaner signal transfer.  Since the driver is being driven from both ends, the control of the driver is drastically improved.It is within this balanced environment where our new geometry thrives.


Three dimensions + time:

One must understand the design parameters we required in order to improve on our other geometries to understand the big picture. First, the design needed to be lightweight for user comfort and portability. Secondly, it needed to meet or exceed DCSG in noise rejection and signal transfer. Third, left and right channels inductive fields needed to be isolated from each other to reduce crosstalk. Finally, time domain for the signal arrival needed to exceed that of our previous designs. 



β-Sine utilizes a sinusoidal geometry wherein 4 separate leads are woven in the shape of a sine wave that propagates on the interior of the cable for each channel divided into  4 per channel, 8 leads in total. This sinusoidal geometry allows for a constant distance between phase original pathway and phase inverted pathway through the length of the cable. This inductive interplay allows for an ideal transmission for a balanced signal, while simultaneously segregating the left channel from the right.



The result of this carefully crafted geometry is two-fold:

  • A cable with the most accurate phase delivery of any cable on the market, a cable that is incredibly lightweight.
  • A flexible cable that can be stretched significantly, taking the stress off the connectors and delicate Angel Hair litz we utilize in the design. 



Because we utilize lightweight nylon as the backbone of this geometry, the cable feels less like an anchored tether and more like a natural extension from your system to your ears. It’s lightweight design, flexibility, and elasticity are incredible. In the end, you are left with a cable that enhances every facet of sound quality in ways most would not expect a cable to be able to do, without the added bulk. 



Termination Options:

Whether you’re using a full sized 4 pin XLR or a portable format such as 4.4 mm Pentaconn connector, KnØt is crafted to accommodate every balanced option available. We have created two different termination geometries specifically to accommodate large and small barrels. 


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