Introducing Aero RCA:
Revolutionizing Your Audio Experience



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At Hapa Audio, innovation is our heartbeat, and Aero RCA embodies our relentless pursuit of excellence. Pioneering the use of Aerogel as a dielectric, Aero RCA sets a new standard in audio cable technology. Our journey began with Aero Digital, the groundbreaking product that put Hapa Audio on the map, earning accolades from discerning audiophiles worldwide.

A New Era in Fidelity

Building on this legacy, we proudly present Aero RCA, the culmination of years of tireless research and design. With Aero RCA, we’ve streamlined production, reducing labor and costs without compromising quality. While Haiku RCA/XLR showcased the transformative power of Aerogel, its labor-intensive construction placed it beyond the reach of many enthusiasts. Now, with Aero RCA, we’ve made this cutting edge technology more accessible.

Sophisticated Engineering

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Aero RCA boasts a quasi-coaxial design inspired by our Ember lineup. At its core lies a solid UPOCC analog conductor, meticulously polished to a nano-scale surface finish, ensuring unparalleled sonic purity. This conductor is encased in an Aerogel layer, held in place by a Teflon tube, and shielded by our signature braided copper litz array, reinforced with non-metallic pearlescent Mylar. The result? Aero RCA delivers unrivaled clarity, transparency, and resolution, making every listening experience truly immersive.

Choose Your Flavor

Aero CU

Featuring a nano-polished copper core and equipped with KLE-I Absolute Harmony connectors, Aero Copper RCA offers a warm, robust sound profile, reminiscent of our Ember series.

Aero AG

Boasting a nano-polished silver core and adorned with ETI SilverLink pure silver pin connectors, Aero Silver RCA delivers a neutral, detailed soundstage with exceptional dynamics.

Experience the Difference

In our rigorous testing, Aero RCA surpassed even our esteemed Haiku RCA/XLR, offering a significant leap in performance. Aero Cu RCA exhibits enhanced detail and refinement, outclassing even our beloved Ember series. Meanwhile, Aero Ag RCA delivers a mesmerizingly neutral sound, elevating your audio experience to new heights.